The Little Book of Humorous Quotations

The Little Book of Humorous Quotations

Everyone needs a good book of quotations to turn to, whether you’re a writer searching for those perfect words of wisdom or simply seeking the right words for a speech or just to say to someone you love. Sometimes you want something witty or romantic, while others call for something a bit more on the funny side. That’s where books like The Little Book of Humorous Quotations by Alison Bullivant come in.

I ran across this book at a Barnes and Noble many years ago and purchased it; I think it was along with a bunch of college texts and other sale reference books that were available, such as my Shakespeare compilation. And it wasn’t until a few days ago that my mother found my copy in the basement as she was cleaning out some of my old things from high school and college. Apparently I had marked a couple of gems in the book that I particularly enjoyed, such as:

“Whenever a friend succeeds, a little something in me dies.” –Gore Vidal

The book is easily set up enough, with sections like The Arts, Women, and Sex, Love and Marriage all displayed in the front of the book in a very brief but easy to use table of contents. The book is also nearly pocket-sized, small enough for a large purse and definitely accessible on a desk. A useful built in silken bookmark is also present in the book for easy marking and browsing—though I would definitely suggest keeping a set of tabs nearby if you plan on reading through the book in one sitting. Some of the quotations are also very funny, so be sure to not spew your drink all over the keyboard or the book itself if you are reading with refreshments.

The Little Book of Humorous Quotations would also make a fantastic gift for someone you love, especially a college student or other person who would find such a resource valuable in his or her work. A simple acquaintance would also be a good person to give the book to, especially during graduation. New graduates or people promoted to a new position at work could also find the book helpful.

I also like the design of the book, which is hard back and bright orange, my favorite color. Normally I don’t enjoy using hard back books, but in this case it does make it easy to stand up or place within an easy reach on your desk.